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Inner Peace

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Somatic Release


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Yulia laughing. Inner Peace Coaching Cochrane Alberta offering hypnotherapy, guided meditation, yoga, add support, adha support and anxiety support.

Rewrite the
of your Life

 Welcome I'm Yulia, a wellness enthusiast, nature lover, mother of two, and an eternal optimist

I have completely transformed my life with Hypnotherapy and so can you


Are you ready for change?

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How does Clinical Hypnotherapy work?

All our beliefs accumulated since birth are stored

in the subconscious mind (which is over 90% of the mind). This means it unfortunately also holds most negative experiences and traumas. Even if we have the best intention to change unwanted habits and beliefs with the conscious mind, we often can’t seem to create lasting change and fall back into old ways of thinking and feeling. The subconscious mind keeps overwriting our efforts and we continue to run on “autopilot" based on outdated beliefs.


A Hypnotherapy session offers the opportunity to access the subconscious mind (in the theta brainwave state similar to meditation) and we can reframe past experiences and modify how we feel about certain memories. The brain can build new neural pathways and create a positive and confident mindset. You can move forward feeling empowered and ready to create the life you truly deserve! 

I have been extensively trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy with over 1,000 hours of training time and am certified by the Canadian Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Events & Retreats

Find out more about exciting Hypnosis & Wellness events in Cochrane, Calgary and Bragg Creek or join me on Instagram @innerpeacecoaching


Stacked Rocks

 Hypnotherapy supports clients in letting go of unwanted behaviours and habits, as well as limiting beliefs (I'm not good enough/ I'm not worthy/ self sabotaging habits).


It has proven to be beneficial when experiencing symptoms of:


- Anxiety, Depression, Anger 

- Lack of Energy and Joy  

- Lack of Self-Confidence 

- Challenge to stay Focused/


- Overeating and Substance Abuse

- Difficulties in Relationships and feeling Stuck in unfulfilling Circumstances (work/personal life)

- Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Insomnia 


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Woman meditating

Guided Meditation

Guided Nidra Meditation helps to reset the nervous system and achieve an inner state of peace. 


 It's an effective tool when experiencing overwhelm or stress, and can help clients to feel calmer, confident and more focused.


Yoga Nidra is also beneficial when experiencing symptoms of chronic pain or inflammation.


Clients feel more energized and often experience better sleep patterns.


Nidra Meditation supports creating a positive mindset and assists in setting long term goals. 

Woman doing yoga

Therapeutic Yoga

We're holding stress and trauma

in our body like the best-selling

author Bessel van der Kolk

explains in his book

“The body keeps the score”. 


Therapeutic Yoga is an excellent

tool to create more ease in the

physical body, to release tension,

and to support the holistic

process of healing. 

It offers a heightened sense of

breath awareness which helps

to activate the parasympathetic

nervous system. 

Yulia is offering one-on-one session and group classes

in Cochrane, Alberta. 

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Client Testimonials

“All I can say is that I have tried many different types of therapy over the years. This has to be by far the most crucial one you will do to truly heal." 

Rubina J.

“Thanks to the sessions I have had with Yulia, I feel much more relaxed and focused in all areas of my life. I found the Hypnotherapy very calming and comforting. Yulia is fantastic at what she does, professional, positive, diligent, and caring. I could not recommend her highly enough. I was able to see a dramatic change in the way I dealt with problematic situations.”

Kevin W.

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