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Meet Yulia


I simply share with my clients what worked for me.

After experiencing a variety of traumatic childhood events, which later in life manifested as anxiety, a lack of focus, chronic fatigue and periods of depression, I became desperate to find a solution! This also effected my ability to set boundaries and create healthy relationships. After over a decade of searching for relief and trying many different healing modalities (western medicine and holistic ones), I finally discovered how to create lasting change. Hypnotherapy helped me to overcome outdated, limiting beliefs and heal physically, mentally and emotionally. It opened my eyes to the possibility of creating a completely different life for myself.   t

Today I live in a thriving environment with loving and supportive relationships, exciting work opportunities and financial freedom. 

I feel grateful to live a life inspired by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and love spending time in nature. I'm passionate about hiking, skiing, kayaking, biking and other outdoor activities with family and friends. Lately I truly started enjoying my little infrared sauna too! I share my time between the lovely communities of Cochrane, AB and Invermere, BC. 

It truly is my mission to support clients in creating the life they deserve.

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My professional wellness journey began over a decade ago with teaching trauma-sensitive yoga and Nidra Meditation. I added Clinical Hypnosis to my offerings which has now become my main focus. 

I was trained and certified through ARCH Canada (Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists Canada) which offers one of the most extensive programs in the country with over 1000 hours of training. 

I'm dedicated to support my clients in releasing any blockages that might hold them back. It's truly amazing to witness the shift in people through clinical Hypnosis, and exciting to see them thrive and create the life they deserve.

Clinical Hypnosis can often create lasting changes with only a few sessions.  

Based in Cochrane, Alberta, Yulia offers Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Guided Meditations and Anxiety Support in Cochrane, Alberta and throughout Southern Alberta.

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