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8 Week Program

8 Week Somatic Release and Hypnotherapy Signature Program 

Embark on an 8-week Journey with me to Release Trauma, Heal the Nervous System, and Cultivate Confidence and Inner Peace.

Do you find yourself lying awake at night, uncertain about how to not feel stuck anymore? Or how to experience more ease and joy in your life? This holistic program will help you shed outdated behaviours and thought patterns rooted in past experiences and guide you toward an empowered, positive mindset.

Through 8 sessions of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Somatic Release Techniques, and Gentle Yoga/Breathwork, you'll be supported in rediscovering your authentic Self and inner strength. This program addresses all layers of how stress and trauma might have manifested: focusing on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Additionally, you'll learn simple techniques to regulate your nervous system and regain control of your life!

About a decade ago I found myself feeling completely stuck, in a stale and unhealthy relationship, unfulfilling job, and depleted energy. Despite exploring various healing modalities, I couldn't seem to find a way out and create lasting change. This inspired me to create an 8-week Program, combining my expertise as a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher, Yoga therapist, Life and Nutrition Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist to help you break free. 

Let's get you back on track and create the life you truly desire.

$1785.00 Payment plans available.

Schedule your complimentary 20-min Zoom Consultation to find out more! 


“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and if hypnosis actually works. Also felt a bit skeptical if I could be hypnotized. Especially after trying so many other things that didn’t make a noticeable difference. I’m blown away how this helped me overcome my challenges, and I feel like I got a fresh start in life.”

Elisabeth R. 


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Client Testimonials 

"Being guided and led by Yulia has been transformational. The calm tone of her voice during Hypnosis is extremely powerful. I come back feeling at peace and rested. With her love for people and her dedication to transform and heal, the career path of a hypnotherapist is truly a gift to everyone." 

Teresa K. 

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